Estonia's largest survey ofjob expectations and employer attractiveness

14+ years

8000+ respondents

300+ companies

4 studies

High-quality sample

Comparison across sectors

Studies are carried out among:

  1. students
  2. medical students
  3. students of vocational schools
  4. experienced workers

Research has been conducted since 2010.

The survey sample is large, and we ensure that we have the opportunity to select the results of the target group that interests you personally.

Respondents can evaluate employers from different sectors according to a predetermined list, where competitors are presented side by side. You have the opportunity to compare yourself with both direct competitors and labor market competitors from other sectors.

Do you want to be a more attractive employer?

In order to be successful in employer branding and finding employees, activities must be planned and results measured.

The gut feeling doesn't take you far. The study gives you input on the basis of which you can map the current situation, evaluate the effectiveness of the actions already taken, and plan for the future.

See the rankings of attractive employers from previous years here.

What will you learn from the study?




  • Expectations for work arrangements
  • Salary expectations
  • Career expectations
  • Expectations for benefits
  • Employer selection criterias
  • How well known are you as an employer?
  • How much interest is there in working with you?
  • Comparison of attractiveness and recognition with competitors
  • Information channels where information about the employer is sought
  • An overview of which information channels are used on a daily basis
  • Through which channels do you prefer to receive job offers?





We also show the change in your attractiveness and reputation over time*

We conduct a 1.5-2 hour presentation for managers, during which we also give recommendations for developing the employer's brand

From the results of the survey's open responses, you can learn the recommendations of your target group on what to do to be a more attractive employer

* if you have been on the list of the evaluated organization in previous years as well.

Results in the view of the target group that interests you

We conduct a survey among Estonian students, vocational school students and experienced employees, which gives us a comprehensive overview of the labor market, and the large number of respondents allows us to select important target groups for you from the survey (e.g. different fields of study or work, place of residence, work experience, etc.).

With the results of your selected target groups, you can get the results and a comparison for the average student, vocational school student or experienced employee for FREE.

From the survey, you will find out how attractive and well-known an employer you are compared to your competitors on the labor market. In the comprehensive report, you can compare yourself with all the companies evaluated in the survey.

Decide how detailed information you need at the moment

When ordering the survey, you have the option to choose between 3 packages and, if you wish, to order additional target group analyses.

The fee for an additional target group analysis is 500 euros + VAT.

BASIC PACKAGE 1490 euros*


DOUBLE PACKAGE 1990 euros*

The results of the survey according to one of your organization's specific target groups

Comparison of attractiveness and reputation with labor market competitors

*VAT is added to the price

General overview of job expectations and attractive employers

(experienced workers, students, medical students or vocational school students)

*VAT is added to the price

The results of the survey according to the two specific target groups of your organization

Comparison of attractiveness and reputation with labor market competitors

*VAT is added to the price

With the basic and double package, you get FREE comparison analysis with the average results of the offspring or experienced employees

All packages include reports of the results and presentationto managers

Steps how to order a survey







Let us know your interest in ordering the survey at

We help to choose the target groups and agree on the dates of the results and the presentation

We present the results to the managers of your organization and give recommendations for further employer branding

As a survey orderer, you also get a free pass to the Attractive Employers' Day in September 2023.

Atraktiivsed tööandjad 2021

The picture of representatives of attractive employers in 2022. See the rankings of attractive employers here.

Photo: A. Raudjalg

Our customers

klientide logod

Customer feedback

"As an employer, it is important for us to know what is happening in the labor market. Participating in the survey allows us to see where our place is today in the labor market. In addition, we get a good overview of what our target groups are, what speaks to them and which channels to use to reach them. The survey provides an excellent overview, which are the organizations that are valued on the labor market and with whom one would like to work.

We certainly recommend participation in the study to others. The main value of participating in the survey is that, as an employer, we get to know where our potential employees are located and who they are. Of course, it's also good to know what young people think of us as an employer and what our position is in their eyes compared to other employers."

– Marianne Tiigimaa - Human Resources Manager of the Prosecutor's Office

"The results of the Instar employer reputation survey were a good input for us to understand the preferences and expectations of young people when making career choices. We got an overview of our company's position in the ranking of preferred employers in the eyes of students and a more detailed view of how the given answers were distributed on the "definitely want to work - definitely don't want to work" scale. All this also about competitors in the sector and other employers.

Instar's research team is very professional and the cooperation went perfectly!'

– Ursula Altmets, CGI Estonia HR Manager

"The employer reputation survey of the IT students target group by Instar gave a very good overview of the expectations and preferences of young IT people on the labor market, as well as information on which channels would be wise to communicate with them.

I would definitely recommend the target group survey to those employers who make decisions related to the recruitment of young people based on the so-called gut feeling - you may be right, but you may not be at all!"

– Laura Pukk, HR Manager, Cash on Go

Would you like some more information?

Before confirming the order, we also offer a free consultation on the topic of employer branding and help to choose the target groups of the survey, whose results will benefit your organization the most.

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